Hello WordPress-Update

Kevin Ashton

3-4 weeks into my new blog, I do like the visual appearence of the home page and how it encourages the viewer to read more than one post. That said I would still love to get more feedback about my site.

I am still fine tuning the posts and I still need to learn how to add more menus to help readers navigate.


The horizonal lines in the top right corner take you the menu for , meat,seafood, vegetarian,desserts etc.

If you want to return the home page just click on my name Chef Kevin Ashton

Traffic and Followers

My Networkedblog followers have migrated from my old blog to this one (thankfully) and now number 51,083

My networkedblog profile   which have helped my visitor numbers reach  21,610 (71,421 hits) since April 24th,2015.

Bon appetit

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